2.1. Describe the core architectural components of Azure

The skill “2.1. Describe the core architectural components of Azure” focuses on the fundamental building blocks that make up the Azure platform. Understanding these components is important for anyone working with Azure, as it provides a foundation for understanding how the platform is structured and how its various services interact with each other.

The core architectural components of Azure include:

  1. Azure Regions: Azure is a global cloud platform with data centers located in regions around the world. Each region is a geographic location with one or more data centers that are interconnected with high-speed networks.
  2. Azure Resource Manager (ARM): ARM is a management framework that enables users to create, manage, and organize resources in Azure. ARM provides a unified API for interacting with Azure resources, enabling users to deploy and manage resources across multiple Azure services.
  3. Azure Virtual Machines: Azure Virtual Machines is a service that enables users to deploy and run virtual machines in Azure. Virtual Machines provide users with the ability to run a wide range of operating systems, including Windows and Linux, and offer complete control over the virtual machine configuration.
  4. Azure Storage: Azure Storage is a cloud storage service that provides scalable, durable, and highly available storage for data in the cloud. Azure Storage includes a range of storage services, including Blob storage, Queue storage, File storage, and Table storage.
  5. Azure Networking: Azure Networking provides a range of services for connecting virtual machines and other resources in Azure. These services include Virtual Network, which enables users to create isolated networks in Azure, and Load Balancer, which provides high availability and scalability for applications running in Azure.

Overall, understanding the core architectural components of Azure is essential for anyone working with Azure infrastructure and services. This knowledge provides a foundation for designing and deploying Azure-based solutions that are reliable, scalable, and efficient.